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Samira Sofia

Arrived a little early but that was no problem at all. To start we jumped in the shower together where we kissed and lathered up each other's bodies. I made sure I spent some time on my knees sucking her beautiful cock. We dried off where we went through to the bedroom where I continued to suck her. She then lay on the bed where we participated in some kissing and mutual sucking. She sat on my face so I was able to rim her gorgeous ass. Afterwards she fucked me in a variety of positions in what can only be described as the best fuck I have ever had. There was no clock watching and everything was so relaxed and easy. She really is an amazing girl xx

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Way above my expectations. Her pictures don't do her justice, her cock is amazing and gave me the best sex I've ever had.

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Best I've ever had xxx

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Aberdeen, 17/08/17, 15:00

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Samira Sofia*)

Is in: Peterborough, United Kingdom
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