Amazing Jackeline fucked me and licked my ass

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Jackeline Bedin

Had agreed to meet with Jackeline in her apartment at Amager. Unfortunately, I was late and she was now shopping. I was asked to wait for about 30 min and then she would be home again. The wait was spent by chain sweating, as it was just my second time with a shemale. After about 30 minutes, I saw a beautiful woman coming across the road - my expectations were soaring, when 5 minutes later I was let in by the beauty. Quickly, we got the finances sorted, and Jackeline quickly helped me out of the clothes. She stood in front of me in a Kimono and opened up to the most beautiful naked look. She kissed me like crazy and kneeled in front of me with the most beautiful and dirty look in her eyes. She sucked me deep a few times, got up and kissed me so I could taste my cock. Jackeline pressed me down on my knees and let me lick her lovely stiff cock and the nice smooth balls. She lay down now and let my tongue take her wonderful ass. Shortly after, we exchanged places and the feeling of J's naughty tongue in my almost virgin hole was indescribable. She licked me deeply, fucked me with her tongue, teased me with her cock right at the entrance of my virgin hole. Soon after, I noticed how she carefully penetrated me so that she could pull out and let me suck her cock. The procedure was repeated several times, and I became more and more turned on. I threw myself on her and licking her ass, her cock and the wonderful breasts. Now it was my turn, I let my thick dick slip deep into J, then out for a short sucking and then in again. No positions were left untested and I could not hold back anymore and came in a giant orgasm where I filled Jackeline's mouth completely. Not everything was swallowed, but she did make the attempt;) Now it was her turn. She put me down on my back with my ankles behind her ears and began to screw my ass. Oh God how I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed to be her fuss doll. After a good pounding of my asshole she pulled herself out and up to my mouth where she came in a fountain of sweet tasty sperm. A quick shower and Listerine for both of us, a couple of deep kisses, and then I continued on my way with a nice memory and a little delightful pain in my ass.

Did she live up to your expectations?

I had very high expectations before meeting with Jackeline, but she far exceeded my expectations Her breasts are big and lovely and her cock is big and good - the pictures do it no justice.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I do not think so - had the experience that I got everything and more. She never watched the clock but was present in everything she did.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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Super experience she deserves even more stars.

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Copenhagen 2017

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