Maria fingering me while I ejaculated in her mouth

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Maria del mar

Maria´s pictures have been in no way enhanced. No need, she´s stunningly beautiful. VERY high class in both appearance and behaviour but at the same time totally down-to earth and in
no way arrogant. One can only feel totally at ease and also very welcome in her company,
Immediately upon arrival she greeted me with some very passionate deep-tongue kissing.
After straightening out the Business end of things, Maria slowly stripped off in front of me and in only her panties, stockings and high heels walked over to where I was sitting. The sight
of a near naked Maria was one Thing, now the impressive bulge in her panties was just mere inches from my face. I pulled them down just far enough to reveal her magnificent penis in it´s
fully erect glory. As she zeroed in my mouth automatically opened, very wide.
Eventually she managed to retrieve her cock from the depths of my throat and we made our way over to the bed.
Now at this point my anal virginity was still intact and that was how I´d imagined it would stay.
Within five minutes Maria was deep inside me. She literally "opened me up" to a (w)hole new
world of sexual pleasure.
The climax consisted of Maria fingering me while I ejaculated in her mouth.
Unsurpassable. Perfect woman, perfect sex.

Did she live up to your expectations?

WAY beyond them.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Everything I could have wished for was included.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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Time and place of the experience

Freiburg, Germany. 2014.

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