Goddess of love and hot sex

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Saw her again last week. She kissed me as I entered and we were two minutes later on her bed where she directed my mouth between her legs. she gave me her balls and ass to lick then her dick. She asked me to deepthroat her and she grunted when I did, telling me that this time she wanted me to swallow her cum. She then sat me on her dick and took me so deep I could fill her pelvis on my bum. Meanwhile she was caressing all my body telling me how great it was scewing me. She then put me on my knees, grabbed my hands in my back and started to ride me furiously. I was so excited I did not feel any pain and I really enjoyed.She gently kissed my neck and told me she would love to come deep in my ass. After a while she sat on a sofa, Widening her legs and asking me to caress her butt hole with my dick while sucking her. oh my god ! This was so good I wanted to fuck her but I had no time because she started to cum a gallon. I hungrily took her in my mouth and swallowed. She then caressed me and made me came on her belly and tits a fountain of cum.

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Wonderful. Sexy, tender, sweet and dominant at the time.

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Her excitement

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I should stop writing to keep her for myself

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Swiss 2017

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Is in: Zürich, Switzerland
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