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Come to the place, curious about how it will go, first I take the wrong staircase, but found the right one, came up out of breath, the door was open, through the hallway, to an almost dark room, my eyes were just ajusting to the darkness, while I took my clothes off, a little time passed before she came in, whispered lewd, can you enjoy a big dick, I said love big dicks that cum a lot, she slowly took off his clothes while she whispers, you want to have big cock, I answered I would suck her stiff and hard, while I look her deep in her eyes, sucking her cock while it swells in mu mouth it is really big and thick, I enjoy her while she came with gentle words, you like big cocks and you will have plenty of sperm, while she still sticks it in to the root repeatedly clear that she enjoyed my treatment, I could hardly wait for her sperm, out of pure hornyness, looks deep into her eyes while I ask her about her sperm , gradually, we look each other in the eyes and with nice sounds she cums in my mouth. There was not a big load, probably because she had more customers before me. She was just lovely especially her lust was genuine, afterwards we talked, where I could not help but kiss her still big bulging fat cock.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes very much and more than expected

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes, she sent a text message while I was driving, she writes, I promise you plenty of sperm, next time we meet

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No she was warm and lovely.

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She is definitely the real thing.

Time and place of the experience

31 3 2017 Copenhagen

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