You better get your ass ready as she will fuck you up good

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Jhenifer Dalbosco

I met Jhenifer late 2014. She opened the door wraped in a towel only. I left the money for 2 hours on the bed and took a shower to worm up as it was cold then outside and I had to wait as she had just woken up. She asked If I was pasive or active. I said I just want to fuck and do it all. Let's go 69 she proposed. I was so horny that morning that it didn't take long :). I exploded straigh in her mouth :) Are you crazy? She laughed...
We chated for a while and after few minutes I was ready again.
Now I fuck you - she said and told me to go doggy and bend.
She gave me a lube and I lubed my ass inside-out. When she entered I felt a sting but after few moments it was nice. I could felt her dick was bigger than average. I don't even rememeber how long that lasted and how many positions we exchanged but I came again.
We chated again for a while and she started to suck my dick again as she didn't want to wait until I get hard again on my own. I asked her to show me her ass but she refused saying I was too big for her...
Let me fuck you now I said but she refused - no I will fuck you again.
She layed me on my back and had gone quite gayish fucking me hard and deep. She definitly liked that.
I have no idea how come I didn't fuck her nor even suck till she cum but I spent about one hour and a half there being banged most of that time.
I liked that.
She looks almost like the pictures but not really naturall as on the photos.
Nevertheless she's got a really nice body so you turn on easly.
Someone rung the door and she told me to hide in the kitchen explaining it was a customer but it's not going to be long and sugested to wait until he leaves.
I didn't really like the idea of finishing my apple being bitten in the meantime by someone else so I left...

Did she live up to your expectations?

Quite so

Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Her ass

Comment to the rating

If I see her around next time I might revisit her.

Time and place of the experience

Oct. .2014

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