Charming intelligent lady who tops like an animal

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Ana Mason

I had a wonderful time with Ana. She is dream come true in all ways. I definitely plan to see her again. Hopefully others will get to see her as well.

First of all, she is a wonderful, kind and intelligent lady. She is fluent in English and is happy to just chat with you. She is also considerate and willing to help you plan in advance- not just the "call me when you are ready" and hang up that happens with so many. Calling or emailing her really built the anticipation and I was not disappointed.

Physically she is exactly like her photos. Cute brunette and totally passable. She is a voluptuous soft woman not implants on a skeleton. If you are looking for a Barbie doll she is not it but if you want a soft curvaceous lady you have found her. She has lovely breasts with nipples that get excited. Down below she is the right size- not huge but not small either. She is wide enough it feels like she fills you and long enough to hit that sweet spot but not so big as to be intimidating. She gets rock hard and has amazing staying power.

Now in terms of our time together, it was amazing. She had on elegant lingerie and we began with kisses and moved towards her bedroom. She was hard as soon as I got her panties down. She seems to genuinely enjoy both giving and getting oral. After some 69 I knew I wanted her to top me. She took me missionary style and was perfect at it. I am a beginner and she eased in gently so that it did not hurt. And then she gradually work her way up to a vigorous pounding. It was amazing she made sure it never hurt but was like an animal. I was screaming in delight so that she had to put her hand over my mouth so the neighbors would not hear. She was so good that I climaxed without her touching my tool- a massive explosion. All the while she was rock hard. I also wanted her to cum. I did not have the energy to rebound to top her- maybe another day. Unfortunately it was hard for her to cum with either oral or me touching her and she had to touch herself to cross the finish line. She was totally sweet about it though and reassured me it wasn't me but her hormones. We then cuddled some and I took a shower at her place before heading out.

Since that time I have texted a few times and she has always been sweet and intelligent. She really is captivating. I worry about getting addicted.

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She is amazing.

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December 2016

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Ana Mason

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