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Gabriela Carvalho

I wrote to her about at 3 o'clock at night a little in the hope that she would be up. She answers, and I gently asked if I would come tomorrow. To my positive surprise, I could go there within half an hour. When I arrive, she meets me immediately with kisses wearing tight sleek black lingerie. It is clear that she has vamped up only for this, which puuls up the rating. I sorted the payment because I would rather just want it out of the way in a hurry. Then we begin to fondle each other and I quickly tasted her huge tool. There is no doubt the dick is genuine 21/7 cm. It was great, and then she fucked me, it could be felt in all the right places. She managed to get it into me without any pain, which certainly is an attribute many others in this industry could learn from. But nothing is perfect in this world, and her hormones did, that she could not keep it hard. She was looking for viagra, but could not find it since she had just moved into the apartment. Never mind, apologetic, she gives end up giving me comfort finger while I was play ing with her (still large) toy and her breasts. After a little more amorous play and I explode several times. She clean up. Then we lay and talked about anything and everything for a quarter of an hour, after which I went home - all in all a really lovely evening,

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She was really sweet and kind. Of course, her proportions were good and all that they had, and are you crazy she could fuck, but what I best liked about her was undoubtedly her lovely personality. Once she come back to Denmark, I could easily consider visiting her again.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

So since there was a small problem with hormones, but she compensated more than enough with other benefits. No dealbreaker at all.

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Perfect experience only pulled down by a cock, which could not hold more than 10 minutes.

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Østerbro, January 2017

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