She fucked me and came in my face

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Julie Bach

I have wanted to meet a transsexual Escort for quite a while, but never got around to it.
I saw Julies ad and that she was in my town and I made contact.
An e-mail was sent and a friendly and exciting Exchange where she told me the rates and what she enjoyed.
We set up the date and finally the big day came.

I was very, very nervous beforehand. It is one thing to Watch shemale porn online, Another thing to do it in real life. Would I freak out? Would it feel strange, smell strange? How would I react to her penis etc.

I knew I liked the porn and usually satisfied myself with a dildo. Prior to the meet I had tried to emulate a blow job with a dildo and found it arousing.
So, there I was knocking on her door and was greated by a really sexy girl.

Sexy outfit, looked 100% woman, feminine voice and very friendly attitude.
I was met with a kiss and was immediately relaxed and aroused.
I went in to the very nice apartiment (sort of a hotel, but looked like a flat), donations was quickly resolved and she asked me to sit in her sofa.
She sat on my lap and we started kissing and she took of her dress and revealed her very nice breasts.
The looked and felt very real, truly nice things to fondle and kiss.
I touched her over her sweet and fit body and placed my hand on her cock... and it felt good.
Strange, as in unusual, but not the slightest way disgusted, quite the opposite.
She gave me a lap dance with the back towards me while I started to stroke her cock, which became hard and it felt really nice.

She took of my clothes and started to give me a blowjob which felt extremly nice, definetly one of the best ones I've had.
Eventually she worked herself down to my balls and my ass. A great rimjob which I love (and therefore Clean myself very thoroughly and shave myself. Guys shouldn't expect this if they don't make an effort.
Rimjobs are wonderful but can for obvious reasons be very unpleasant for the person doing it. So if you go for Julie and expect this, Clean and shave).

After a while I felt I wanted to take it to the next level, and see if I could and would taste her.
I sat her down in the sofa and sat between her legs. I tasted the head of her cock with my tounge, it tasted nice so I took it all in my mouth.
It was a very new feeling, but it felt good. It was a pretty cool experience to feel it grow in my mouth and it turned me on.
I found that sucking the dildo was a turn on aswell, especially when going to gagging. Going to far and feeling like your going to vomit isn't nice, but all that saliva you produce is really sexy.
So I sucked her cock while she moaned, I could almost take it all Before I gaged and she liked it.
I Went down to her balls and repeated what she did to me with rimming which she also enjoyed.

Now I wanted to do a 69, which was really nice. Doing blowjobs and rimjobs to each other at the same time was really nice. I sucked her really hard and she was probably pretty Close to cumming which would be nice, but I had one final thing to experience...

I asked her if she wanted to fuck me, which she smiled and nodded to.
She asked if I wanted to do it doggy style, but I wanted to be on my back with my legs up in the air.
So I laied down while she lubed my ass and her cock. I was very tense so it took a while for her to open me up (strange how that is, sometimes when doing the dildo, you can get to it very Quick, sometimes it takes forever).
She did start to fuck me quite instensely. I screamed so loud she was afraid the neighbours would hear me.
She was a little rough since it was my first time.
A Little more lube and a Little slower would have been perfect (she said her lube was almost empty. Probably because I was her last client Before she was traveling. I was thinking of bringing my own but didn't. Oh well).

Eventually the pain was letting go and I enjoyed it. I felt my cock was beginning to precum so I asked her if she was Close. She said she was holding back so I asked where she wanted to cum.
She suggested the stomach, but I wanted it in my face so she stood by the bed masturbating and finally cuming. Very sexy feeling to have it in my face and mouth, I swallowed some of it.

Since it was so hot I felt I could't hold back so I came while she did. Soaked by cum. Very sexy feeling indeed.
I was planning to try different positions with her, doggy and riding her. I also wanted to fuck her, but since I came, that wasn't possible.

We cleaned up, talked a bit about Life, I got to talk a bit about my fantasy about shemales and other things.
I was offered her shower to Clean up and left her with a kiss.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Definetly. A really good shemale to have as a beginner. Not a whiff of man in her, purely woman. I was really nervous about this, since I very much am not attracted to men (I can't even participate in threesomes with a dude and a girl, I go limp and uninterested when there is a naked guy in the room). Nothing against gays or anything, I am just straight. Which is funny since I liked sucking and getting fucked by Julie, but she is a sexy girl with a extra tool. Not a guy. Anyway, back to Julie. Really sweet and nice girl. She could have been a Little more patient when easing into my ass (but then again, I can imagine it not being easy staying hard for long. Shes not a dildo after all). She really took care of you. Again, if you book her, take care of yourself Before you met her. If your Clean and fresh, you will have a better experience then if your hairy and Dirty.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Not aware of any menu, but I got Everything I wanted and felt I could have gotten more if I hadn't cum.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Comment to the rating

Definetly a five.

Time and place of the experience

January 2017, Stockholm

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