Rendezvous with a hot five star shemale

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Yeidi Collins

The perfect date.
You have to know that I always was falling for her beauty and her shapes, and have seen each video on the net of her, you can say I am an admirer. I have dated with Yeidi in Amsterdam on her last day of staying at Holland. I just found out that morning she was in Holland. she was allready packing but she made a special case for me. When she opened the door, she was stunning beautifull, tall and smelled lovely. Her dark sexy voice asked me my name, she smiled sweet and asked me what I would like to drink. I immediately felt comfortable, and after a shower, I came out dressed in lingerie and stockings and high heels. she was obviously amazed and started fondling me and touched my stockings and lingerie, guiding me to the bed.
There she kissed me deep and for a long time and released my hard cock out of my panties and started to lick it. when I told her I wanted to suck her cock too we went in 69 and her cock was half hard how I like it to suck. Soon it was hard as rock and she slowly started to sit above me to fuck my mouth on my wishes. hard and deep. We laughed and felt really passionated. Because of the videos I saw of her I was asking freely for my wishes. After 10-12 minutes mutual cocksucking she said that she wanted to fuck me. Not enough lubricated she entered with her hardest cock with ease. It hurt quite good. No poppers. but she kept on entering and I felt her body on top of me pushing her rod in my girly ass. Me still in stockings corset bra and fake silicone tits, trusted her to make as little pain as possible and started to relax. What a cock she has, I love it. she fucked me well, and enjoyed it fully, dripping fluid all the time. the prostate was handled very professional, oh joy.
we changed some positions, took some time to take a zip of the drink and of her cock that I blew very wet with loads of spit. she put me on my back and took my anckles high in the air and started fucking me as deep as i never was taken before. She handjobbed me at the same time and let me cum with such an passion that my load squirted all over me and her belly. we laughed again and then she bows over me to kiss me deep her tongue moving very wild. I went to shower again and I had to squezze my arm to make sure if this really happened. We spoke about the rest of her plans for Madrid, where she was going to work a while and she took my telephone-number for when she is back in Holland to let me know. She calls me Lauren, and she send me a message the same night. Thank you Yeidi and call me when you arrive in Holland again. What a sexy body, smile and voice you have!
Big kiss Lauren

Did she live up to your expectations?

Absolutely yes.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Everything was there. Passion. Laughing. Hot sex. When I was dressed in transvestite she let me feel that I was very welcome that way.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not at all.

Comment to the rating

I will go many times more to Yeidi

Time and place of the experience

September 2016, Amsterdam, Holland

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