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Jonna Vivian

Jonna is a good looking and nice girl, yes I hit it off with her. I got at welcoming which was certainly very good. nothing more to say, gave the agreed time for the same day and I went by car during the lunch break to remove the pressure ... was pleased to get back to work on the job the second time around that day, it soon became hot and we got our clothes off and got busy. her body was feminine and soft. I got to kiss a lot of her body and touch freely and she was nice and hot. Anal was tight, we did a couple of different positions, and that was it. Jonna did not look at the clock and was in every way a good experience, authentic Finnish. I will be seeing her again.

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Vantaa November 2016

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Jonna Vivian

Ist in: Helsinki, Finnland
Neueste von 3 Bewertungen: Sexy Tiny ass

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