I would love to find out how kinky she can really be

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Rynna Orra

I net Rynna in Helsinki on a Thursday evening. She was staying in a nice condo in an apartment hotel in the centre. She came to get me from the lobby level when I informed her of my arrival. I am very fond of beautiful Asian girls and her looks did not disappoint me! She looks better than her pictures in real life. Especially her warm and smiling personality is not caught in the pics. Anyway, up in her place we got to the fun. Great experience! A fit beautiful Asian lady with nice tits gave me such a warm service that I thought there must be a little love in the air... We kissed, I kissed her all over her body, sucked her cock (with condom), she took a bit of control by pushing me on the bed on my back and shoving her hard cock in my mouth and fucking my throat. Very sexy and hot. She then fucked me as agreed. Partly hard and partly teasingly slow like making love to me. I finally exploded on myself while she was inside me! Her cock size is as reported - just the right size for me and hard throughout the encounter. Such a great experience with genuine warmth that is so rare in this hobby. After some chit chat I was off for home in a very happy mood and all of this in only 30 mins! Next time will be a full hour!

Did she live up to your expectations?

She exceeded my expectations with her smiling beauty, warm service and on Asian standards sizeable cock. Rynna, you should take some new photos. These do not do you justice, baby!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I do not know. Things happened naturally but no kinky stuff was on the agenda this time.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I suppose not but don't care if she did.

Comment to the rating

This was just what I needed that time. Would be fun to try how kinky she can be...

Time and place of the experience

Helsinki Nov 2016

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Rynna Orra*)

Is in: Stockholm, Sweden
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*) Rynna Orra is also known as: Luna Maya

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