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Called Elektra to make an apointment, got a sweet and quite eloquent voice on the phone, and after some talk, (must be said that Elektra speaks excellent English) I made a deal, got ready and just took a second look at the pictures here on shemalewiki before I drove there. Wrote as agreed my exact arrival time to her in a text, and when I rang I was meeting a cute and smiling Elektra, who invited me inside, in a good heat, and what a welcome, quickly got a kiss and a hug and she took me in the hand and led me into her room. Elektra was wearing high heels, black fishnet stockings, G-string and bra and looked amazing waaaauu. Quickly got the finances sorted out. Elektra started kissing me very sensual, she turned her back to me and asked me to open her bra, which of course I did, and what lovely breasts she has uhm, she turned around and pressed my jead gently down towards them I could let my tongue caresses her breasts. Still standing and kissing some more, it was nice to feel her body against mine, she began to caress me and soon thereafter went on her knees and licked me, here she just took all my 20 cm thick cock all the way to the root. Elektra was clearly enthralled by my cock, and pushed me to the ground on the bed, and then she invited me to a 69er and eeeejjjj it was hot and delicious, pulled her out so she lay with her head over the edge of the bed and put my dick in her mouth and fucked her in tthis way for a while, it clarly excited her, she asked if she could fuck me which I allowed her to do, she took the condom and rubbed her cock well with the lube before she pushed my legs up towards my chest and pressed her cock into me, it was really an amazing feeling and the feeling and the sight of her pretty smiling face turned me on like crazy, she fucked me alternately hard and gently. After a while she asked if she could feel my dick and I certainly did not refuse, on with a condom and some lube, and she threw herself down on her back, pulled her legs up, I gently put my cock into her and after some time she signaled that now I could fuck her really hard which I did, she began to caress my nipples which turns me on like crazy, and I came in quite far, but she wanted more and grabbed my ass and kept encouraging me to fuck her. Unfortunately at some point I had to fold, then I pulled out and immediately thereafter, she took the condom off and touched me gently on the cheek and said that she would like to have my load over her breasts. Took a little time to recover, pulled my clothes back on while she told me a little about her family and her homeland She followed me to the door and said, hope to see you again.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes definitely

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Did not look at her list of services.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

In no way.

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Elektra is a super sweet and nice girl, who can definitely be recommended

Time and place of the experience

DK. Randers 18.11.2016

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