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I met Choko in a appartment in central Oslo. She greated me in the door wearing sexy black lingerie and told me with a smile that things where about to get hot in here. She took me to the bed and asked me to undress and then started to touch and lick all over my body while massageing my cock and balls, sometimes she would pull the balls really hard to make sure i knew who was in command. After playing with me for a while she bend over to the side of the bed and pulled up a pair of nipple clams that she attatched firmly to my nipples.

With the clams in place she removed her underwear and pulled me closer so i could start sucking her cock. The cock got hard quickly and as soon as it grew in my mouth she started to put it deeper into my throat so i would gag on it while holding me steady through the nipple clams. After a few minutes of gagging she told me to lay on my back and moved up to sit herself over my face and she contiuned to fuck my mouth even deeper with her big cock.

Feeling satisfied with the warm-up she put on a condom and put a pillow under my ass so she could get a nice view for fucking my pretty ass she told me. She put my ankles up by my shoulders and started to slowly press her big cock into me. I had told her earlier that it was my first time with such a big cock so she started out gently but it didn't take long for her to pick up the pace.

After a while she told me to turn over so she could fuck me doggy style and gave me a bottle of something to smell. That was probaly lucky beause after she turned me over she really started hammering my ass until i came from the mix of pain and pleasure of beeing fucked really hard by her huge cock. She kept on for a while longer until i told her i couldn't take it anymore.

We lay down and talked for a while after and she speaks really good english so its fun to talk with her. I would really recommend her to everyone, she is a great girl and fucks really well. Also i really enjoyed her dominant side even if it gave a bit of pain :)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Absolutley. She is beautiful, friendly and performs really well.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I didn't ask for anything extra, was really satisfied with what was done already.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

It never came up but i doubt she would.

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Best transexual experience i have had. I strongly recommend to visit her if she is in your city!

Time and place of the experience

Oslo, November 2016

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