A smiling nice lady with a huge tool

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I gave her a call early evening and I got a apointment 20 mins later. I found her apartment easely and parked my car right outside her door. She open the door and there was a extremely nice girl, so laidback and easy to talk with. we did a agrement and she show me a nice big bed and told me to undress. She was back in a little while and told me to lay down on my back. She was a very strickt lady just like I wanted her. She told me to suck her and make her hard. Actually a easy job, she was hard in just seconds. She started to push her cock down my throat little by little, my god she didnt stop before I took it all She then throatfucked me a long while (I think she really liked it) and pinching my nipples real hard. She then went behind me and pushed my shoulders untill my chest was on the floor.she put on a condom and rubbed her cock with lub and lubed my ass too. She stuffed here very hard cock in my ass, she started a bit cautious but increased rapidly. Believe me she is HUGE. She fucked me while playing with my sore and tender nipples and it was too much for me. I fell forward in pleasure and she didnt stop me. She sat beside me smallchatting while I was sucking a little more on her delicious big cock .

Did she live up to your expectations?

OH YES !!! No rush and we had a long chat after dressing up again.

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A very nice girl, her photos lies a little. She looks better in real life.

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Oslo November 2016

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Is in: Munich, Germany
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*) CHOKO RODRIGUES is also known as: Noemi Stephy, Noemi XXL Brazil and CHOKO BRAZIL XXL

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