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Ana Mason

I had previously read her reviews here on this site and had high expectations. Ana met all my expectations. She was conscientious and friendly. I was a bit nervous but she was gentle calm and welcoming. I had booked an hour and looked forward to fuck with a shemale with a big cock for the first time. Have tried two times before with some of the others, but the first time I did not get it in the ass and the second time the the cock was so small that it could barely be felt. I had tried with my own dildo to warm up myself a bit and she also gladly used it. We began by taking turns sucking on each other. I think Ana likes to dominate a little and let me try to deep throat her cock which was not really my thing. At my request, we did 69 for a while and then she began to massage my anus. She took out the dildo I had with me and smeared my ass with lube then she pressed it in and a moment later, she took out the dildo and began gently pushing her dick in my ass with me in the missionary position. It hurt for a little while but it went on and eventually began to feel good instead. She started to fuck me harder and deeper as she began to stroke my dick. It did not take long before it went for me and I got a wonderful orgasm. After we had fucked we lay in bed for a while and talked. After that I wanted to try again because I was also eager to fuck her in the ass. Unfortunately my cock wanted something else and I was only semi-hard even though she worked hard to get me hard. By joining forces we managed to jerk out another batch from my dick. Anna was really service minded and bar immediately caught on to everything I suggested.

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Vaasa November 2016

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Ana Mason

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