Call me mistress, lay down and let me tie u up!

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Goddess of Dom

We spent a great night in Bali together.
After having a good conversation on whatsapp when I explained my Fantasies she told me to keep my load for the next 3 days until we would meet up. (I had to work so I wasn't able to meet her further)

Within the next days my Balls were reaching Climax while thinking about what will happen to me.

When we met she was awesome lovely, exactly like in her pictures. Maybe even better, with a soft Voice and a warm way to look into my eyes.

After I gave her the gift, she told me to sit down on the bed when she went to the bathroom.

She came back in Black leather Corsage and Mini Skirt with a rope in her hands. She told me to lay down, to call her mistress and she tied my hands and legs to the bed.

Then she came up to my face and forced me to suck he,r she forced her beautiful cock deep down my throat and called me her bitch Slave Boy. She forced me to tell her how much I love it and teaches me to please her in the right way.

Then she turned my legs up and an rimmed me deep before entered me slowly until she went in. She started slow but pressed my face down into the pillows when she was going to fuck me hard. She really loves to be dominant and she made me feel like a little Bitch.
I loved it.

After at least 30 minutes of fucking in in several positions she sat on my face I saw her beautifull boobs while she shove my mouth between her sweaty wet butt cheeks and she told me to lick her hole. I saw her beautiful cock and her books when she was moaning looking down at me and spitting on her cock so it dripped down on my face. When she came she leaned forward pushed her cock in my mouth and hold me so I couldn't turn my head away and shot a big sticky load right into my mouth. She jerked me off, her cock still in my mouth pumping and I came in a giant fountain.

After this we had a long really good conversation she's a lovely character and made me feel comfortable in every moment. I'll definitely see her again.

Did she live up to your expectations?

More than that. She's a lovely person who you can communicate all your fantasies to I can't imagine she won't fulfill someone's expectations.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I've got everything I wanted and even more.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No I've got everything we talked about before.

Comment to the rating

My best Shemale experience, less than 5 Stars wouldn't be appropriate.

Time and place of the experience

07.11.2016 Bali

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