Miko took my virginity, with style :)

Review by: Maksi
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I've been dreaming about ladyboy-sex for a long time . Now I noticed that Miko was in town, and immediately fell in love with her large eyes and encouraged by the earlier good reviews of her, I made contact with her first via txt message during the working day, and later called her to arrange the meeting... Miko speaks perfect English, so this was very easy. Like said, I kept on texting with her during the day, and I got hornier and hornier during the day, until I finally got to meet her. I was pretty nervous, as this was my first time. At the door was a beautiful, almost doll like Miko, and those eyes and lovely smile. She showed me into a room and asked me to undress, but keep the socks on... interesting I thought, but did as she asked... then she started to touch and kiss my feet, and got higher and higher all the time until those wonderful lips found my - at that time already half erected cock... and sucked it in... first only the tip and then the full cock... now already fully erect with it's full about 20 cm length.... I have to say, I have never ever got that kind of deep throating that I got now, just amazing, how she sucked simultaneously hard and soft. From here she showed me to the king size bed and started to kiss and suck my feet... I had never had that before, and it felt awesome... finding her way up, but this time starting to lick and suck my ass.... huh, like an electric shock going through me... and then I knew I want to have her to fuck me (I was a bit afraid of this prior to the meeting)... now I also got the chance to suck Miko... she has a just perfect sized cock that got very hard...it was pretty easy to do deep throating, even though I had no experience..., her cock just tasted yummy :)... then Miko asked if I wanted her to fuck me... and at that moment I would have let her to do anything for me... so she spread my legs, worked some lubricant in my anus and simultaneously sucked and kissed my hard cock... wow, I couldn't wait any longer I had to get her cock inside me... she did that extra gently as I am very tight and was still a bit afraid, thank good her cock is not too thick... and huh, what a feeling it was being fucked by her... I could have taken hours of that... after a few rounds of changing between sucking and fucking, she said she cannot hold the orgasm anymore, so she took the cock out, and I sucked her so that she came in my mouth... yummy... :) After this I wanted to cum as well and she did some magic with her fingers in my ass simultaneously as she sucked my cock... until I came into her mouth :)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes she did, overshooting them with 200 %, as this was the most amazing sex I've ever had, and will remember this always!

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, as I did not even know all the things she did with me prior to the meeting :)

Time and place of the experience

7.11.2016 Helsinki

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