Bella Fiona is a sweet shemale goddess!

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Bella Hung

This is a review of something that happened three years ago in Tokyo. Bella Hung was going under the name Bella Fiona at the time (and maybe still is).

I contacted her by email and asked if she was free the evening I was free (I was staying near Shinagawa station) and she was. We arranged a time that she would come to my hotel at. This was only my second experience with a TS - the first was with someone I'd met on Adult Friend Finder (which was very good) - so this was my first experience with a pro! We met in the lobby of my hotel (for her safety). I was quite nervous, as I am not even slightly attracted to men and I wasn't sure just how feminine she would be. But from the moment I saw her my fears melted away. She was gorgeous and feminine, and looked exactly like her photos.

We went up to my room and sat on the bed for a few minutes to discuss what I wanted. I said I was pretty much a bottom in these circumstances and she said she was usually a top ... so that meshed well :-) She went into the bathroom to freshen up and change and came out in a very sexy body glove outfit. We started kissing, slowly at first, then more passionately, and I was running my hands up and down her body. She turned her back to me to rub her ass on my crotch and I started caressing her soft cock. She got harder and harder until I was stroking her and she was as hard as a rock.

We undressed and moved to the bed. She was gorgeous naked - beautiful breasts and very soft skin. We kissed some more, then she sucked me, and we 69'ed for a while. Then she moved to start rimming me. She rimmed me, and used her fingers until I was open and wet, then she put on a condom and lubed us both up. She slid in side and it was amazing. She does not have a big cock, but that was just fine by me - it was perfect. She fucked me for a while, slowly at first, then faster, then started jacking me off. I came and she came in the condom in my ass. It was one of the best orgasms of my life.

We then spent a while cuddling in bed while I caressed her cock, body and breasts. She is very sweet and we talked about her life in Tokyo and her decision to become an escort.

I highly recommend her and have always hoped that I would see her again!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Very much so.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

We did everything we had discussed.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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The best shemale experience of my life.

Time and place of the experience

Shinagawa, Tokyo, 2013

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Bella Hung*)

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*) Bella Hung is also known as: Well hung Bella

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