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Jessica Pantera

I met her and I think she is the best shemale whom I have met so far.
we agreed on a meeting by phone, and I got the address of the text message. when I went to her it really excited me a lot, but when I saw what a beautiful(she has more beauty in real life than in her pictures), exciting and friendly, she was nice and the tension disappeared in an instant ..
I paid for half an hour and we started immediately after that we kissed passionately ... she was in a small dress and tight trousers ...
when we kisses I felt how my cock hardened instantly, and I also noticed how her big cock swelled up so that it popped out of his tight trousers.
I took off my clothes and and I took her cock in my hand and I said that I wanted to taste her big cock ... she agreed, so I went down on my knees in front of her and took her great big hard cock in my mouth..

her clean and hard cock tasted really good .. Next, I told her to lie on the bed on her belly and lift up the ass in front of my face ...
I lick in her ass and she liked it very much and began to moan in pleasure ... I alternately sucked her cock and licked her ass...
after this fantastic blowjob I wanted that she fucked me ... because I wanted her lovely and hard cock deep into my tight ass. I crouch down on my knees on the bed in front of her and spread myself open for her ...
Oh, how good her cock felt ... she fucked me for quite a while and I said that the next step I wanted to fuck her ..

my cock was so hard and I said that I want to push my cock in her tight ass .. what a sight it was when her pretty ass was directly in front of me ...
she put the condom on my cock and I pushed it deep into her ass ... oh how wonderful her tight ass felt. she moaned in pleasure as I pushed my cock in her over and over again ...

we fucked in various positions and I enjoyed her very much ... her hard cock was incredible ...

However, something was missing because I did not get cum... whether it is caused by excessive haste or what ... maybe half an hour was too short a time?

but Jessica was absolutely awesome and I definitely want to see her again, and next time to take things to the end 😊

She was very warm, friendly and, above all, very sexy .. I recommend her to everyone, is certainly one of the best 😊
I hope I meet her again ..

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes absolutely

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a great experience and what a beauty she is

Time and place of the experience

Kuopio, Finland 2016

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