Very bad experience! She seemed somewhat uninterested

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Sindy Sunshine

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I really feel very bad about this review, because I always care very much about the satisfaction of my customers and I really care about them, and this review is not a fair repressentation of what happened.

She wrote to me Tuesday mogen at around 0900, had written to her some days in advance, but got no answer, Not until Tuesday when she wrote that she was on the train and on the way to Odense. She asked when I could come, but I had to ask if she had a big cock which she advertised, She said that she had. She stayed at a hotel in the city, I just had to text her 10 min before ariving. I did as agreed, but she had just slept and the room was very small, the wig was funny and she did not seem to be ready at all. Already at this point the alarm nells should have gone on, but I was horny and here I did not use the upper head to to think with! Her cock is far from 22 cm, but it was hard, but again, when she had to fuck me, it was at a pace the seemed almost indifferent and she was absent minded. Gradually, I lost the urge, she did nothing, the more she/he wanted me to be quick about finishing, but had paid for an hour, and was out after 30 minutes approximately

Did she live up to your expectations?

No not at all, very bad performance, bad attitude, very bad style ...

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She had no list, generally she could not offer anything ..

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I was indeed very elated when I arived, but it was quickly thrown away.

Comment to the rating

Another bad experience richer, but poorer in monetary terms. Thought it is a shame that there are so many shemale that delivers such a bad service. I absolutely can not recommend Sindy. Taking into account that the customer comes with a certain exhilaration and possible. With a fantasy he wants to live out i reality, and one should not forget, that after all it costs a lot of money, so I think you should be able to expect a proper service and not least that they keep what they promise ....

Time and place of the experience

Tuesday at around 1630 in Odense inner city in a hotel in Hans Tausens street.

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