1h with Amy and her big cock

Review by: Bluecat916
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Visited her earlier in june in Brussels.
Cosy apartment, easy to find.
Amy has a f...nice body, muscles, not a gram of fat, many tatoos. No breasts but I really like her.
Her tool is simply huge, the kind you like to,have in your mouth. I wanted her to be active, and that's her thing, so perfect.
She is polite, gentle and respectful. So fucked me for at least 40min, a real athlete.
Only a pity she didn't send me her load in the end, as I was considering myself brave to endure such a monster inside of my delicate anatomy.

Would return to see her, unfortunaltely she seems to prefer liége. Amy, come back to bxl if you read me. Ah yes, with your mate Nathalie: would love to have you 2 for myself!

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Brussels, louise, mid june 2016

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Is in: Liège, Belgium
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*) Amy is also known as: Amy Fitness Girl

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