Beauty and class and a lovely rimming

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Got into a nice smelling basement, but apparently didn't make it clear to the woman who received me what I wanted, as I ended up in a room with a woman who didn't look like Kyra and had nothing between her legs after undressing. I told her what I really wanted, and a few minutes later I was in the right room with the right woman. Kyra is really beautiful and very sweet, caring and comfortable. She looks better than the pictures suggest. Very beautiful and feminine face and body. I undressed and we kissed for a while. She is really good at kissing and does it in a natural GFE-way. I licked her ass and sucked her and she seemed to enjoy it a lot - especially the licking, as she told me several times to continue. After that she fucked me and did so very well for some time. Her penis is beautiful and has a good size. I enjoyed it a lot - getting fucked by her her at the same time as looking at her beautiful face and body. She seemed to enjoy it as well, as she was very engaged both physically and verbally. Once it was over we talked for a while and she invited me for a drink. Time didn't seem to matter. We probably talked for 10-15 min and it somehow just made the whole encounter seem more natural and personal. All in all, it was one of the best shemale experiences I have had. The fucking part was not as hardcore as it has been in other experiences, but all the other aspects made up for that. First and foremost she is just so beautiful.

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Beauty and class

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Copenhagen, oktober 2016

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Is in: Østerbro, Denmark
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*) Kyra is also known as: Gilda, Kira, Sasha and Selena

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