Nice body and all, but misleading pictures

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Came to see Stefy at Flintholm, but the woman who greeted me was nothing like the one on the pictures. Nice body and all, but misleading pictures indeed.
Anyway, she asked if I wanted the company of her friend for another 500 DKK, to which I responded that I only brought the amount agreed upon on the telephone. Nonetheless they obliged to be two about it.
Stefy's (if it was her) English is .. ok. Not great, but we could communicate.
So we got it on. There was some sucking, but she was very quick about putting it in my ass. (Her dick is nothing like the pictures .. 13 cm perhaps). Granted, it felt nice for a moment, but she just wouldn't listen when I told her to slow down. She kept pounding away. All the while I was sucking her friend's dick. Her friend was rather passive compared to Stefy.
That was kind of the experience for 35 minutes or so, until she started to ask me to cum. I asked her if any of them would cum over me, but they both refused. I wasn't ready yet (and I knew my time wasn't anywhere near up), so I asked if I could fuck her. She let me do it, but she kept asking/insisting that I cum. It came to a point where I juat thought 'fuck it' and came over her body.

I got dressed and went home, rather disappointed over the experience. Could be worse, I guess, but it certainly wasn't up to par for the amount payed (1500).

Did she live up to your expectations?

Not quite. Very rushed and refused to cum (granted, it doesn't say so on the services provided, but for that price for that service I would expect it).

Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, but she was in a rush to get it over with. Was finished 20-ish minutes before time.

Time and place of the experience

October 2016, Flintholm, Copenhagen

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