Big cock, sexy look, but over too fast...

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I met Camyala in my small home town in Norway. This must be the first time a shemale ever comes here. Of course I had to go.
Had some difficulties in finding her flat, due to communication errors. She's not the best in English! By then I hoped she could be better in the language of love making (poetic, aye?)!
I decided I wanted an hour, and the right amount shifted hands. She obviously thought that this was the amount of 15 min, because she upped the speed! Off with the panties, quickly fell and 2 min of dick sucking. Then 2 min of 69, before I was told to ride her dick and wank myself. She has a big dick, so it was fun to suck and ride - but I sure hoped it could have lasted a bit longer.
When I had shot my cum, it was out the door and bye bye and thanks for your hard earned money. I felt like I was riding a conveyor belt in a factory - one finished, now who's next...

Did she live up to your expectations?

Not really. I was expecting a longer session! On the other side, the pictures are correct and she has an easy going personality and quite a big tool between her legs! So the fucking and sucking wasn't bad in itself!

Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I had planned to ask her for her load of cum, but it were over almost before it had started. I understood quickly that I didn't want to stay here for long.

Comment to the rating

She gets two stars because of her looks, personality and her mighty fine cock!

Time and place of the experience

Norway october 2016

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Is in: Oslo, Norway
Latest of 4 reviews: Big cock, sexy look, but over too fast...

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*) Camyala is also known as: Camyla

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