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TS Man Rammer

I had read the reviews and was finally brave enough to visit her. I noticed that she is in Finland again and decided to give her a call. She was very nice on the phone. I told her that I have met only one shemale before and now I wanted to be her bitch.

When she opened the door my jaw dropped. She was wearing thigh high platform-boots and some s/m gear and her beautiful cock was hanging visible. As others have told, she looks even better in real life and the pictures of her cock are real, too.

I asked her if I could take a shower before the session. Immediately after shower she commanded me on my knees in front of her and put her soft, big cock in my mouth. It started to grow and she started pounding my throat with it. I had problems breathing while deepthroating. She didnt care and my reward was nice amount of her spit on my face and she kept fucking my mouth hard.

After some time of sucking her wonderful, beautiful and big cock she asked if I want to be fucked. Of course, I said even though I knew that she would have fucked me anyway. I dont have a virgin ass, but I was a bit scared when she penetrated me. Luckily, it didnt hurt in the beginning. At this point I realized why she calls herself Man Rammer. Oh boy, she likes to fuck. She muted my cries by spitting on my face and smothering me with her hand. After fucking me in missionary for almost too long she told me to sit by the bed and she started fucking my face again. She was already close to cumming and soon she filled my mouth with her warm and tasteful cum. She made sure that I swallowed (I had asked this) every drop. She had a warm smile on her face while I was cleaning her cock with my lips and tongue. Now she told me to play with my cock. I was so horny when jerking myself while she had her cock in my mouth. After being raped by her it didnt take long for me to explode.

Afterwards we had a little chat and told her that I will visit her again. She is very nice person by the way 😂

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes she did. And more.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Glass of orange juice 😃

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No. Everything was available.

Comment to the rating

If there are lots of positive reviews, they are telling the truth about the escort. I confirm that. I just regret not meeting her before. Now I will be her bitch in Helsinki and will always let her fuck me when she visits Finland. At least six stars would be appropriate rating.

Time and place of the experience

October 10th, 2016 in Helsinki

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