Awsome experience in a class of its own

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I rang the bell at her door, which is opened shortly after, and there she was. I was totally infatuated with Silvannas great figure in red/black lingerie, we go into the room and sorted the bit with the money she tells me to strip in Spanish/ English while she goes out for 2 min. I stand ready to recieve Silvanna in her beauty but she makes the bed and meanwhile I am wondering if I should fuck her, or vice versa, and I would of course happily do both. She took of her her panties and bra, I started to suck her from lying position, it did not take long before I was very hard too, she forced her large (very large images fit 100%) cock into my mouth, I hwas slobbering her giant cock in the mouth while I look up at her very perfect tits on the amazing body, and the lovely ass I keep holding on to amd squeeze her huge cock down my throat even though she does it well, I've never sucked so much cock before. She goes out for 1 minute, Coming back, open the windows and turn down the raditor. She lies down again and I start to suck it up from lax again, continues while she forces it down and keeps it so I am gagging and swallow a little saliva as she is slowly pulling it out of my mouth. With her massive rod out and me wanting for more and expecting her to come in my face, she did not but just kept on fucking me hard in the mouth. I was put on my back and she fucks me beautiful from the start and continues to push her huge cock up in my asshole and it goes deep so it feels like things are being re-arranged in there. It was so great to be fucked as she pulls my legs longer and farther back over my head to fuck me deeply while I could only accept what she was doing to me. She put it in very far when she fucked me deep and she did it both hard and soft, had her large penis inside me while we kissed and then went on to brutally fuck me with her huge cock. She throws the condom away and I get to suck her again spit in my mouth and I swallow her saliva before I lick on, I jerk myself off, while she deliver an incredible amount of cum, I swallow 2 mouthfuls and it's everywhere, her sperm tasted so good and the main load that was shot out while I had her huge cock in the mouth was what made the experience exeptional. I had, Silvannas semen everywhere, in my mouth, in the hair on my face and on the carpet, but I just kept sucking her cock to the root until I came myself on the abdomen and chest, thighs and my own cock, completely soaked in cum, went in for a kiss and suck on while hers is getting lax (still big though, wow). We get up after that got our breath back a little and dried of we play around a little in the door, all in all a pleasure to be with her.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes more than I had expected, so beautiful and enchanting, exactly like the pictures, also her dick

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I did not fuck her but it was probably also for the best outcomes since she runs around with that huge cock

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No I did not

Comment to the rating

Totally excited about her ass, cock, body, breasts and face, and the load of cum (bravo)

Time and place of the experience

Aalborg/Nørresundby 06/10 2016

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*) Silvanna is also known as: Silvana and Silvana Diosa

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