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Ana Mason

It was a surprise to see Ana back in The Netherlands. Last time I tried to visit I was a day too late and she was leaving the country. As soon as I could I called her. She was already very nice on the phone and we met early evening in The Hague. The place was very clean and classy looking. I was greeted at the door by this stunning lady with a big smile on her face. She was wearing a lace robe and very sexy lingerie peeking through. You could see all of her curves and she has a beautiful body. Lace stockings, high heels, all just perfectly groomed and she smelled like Chanel. We talked for a bit before she showed me the shower and she left me alone. I came out and she was waiting in the bedroom. I was nervous but Ana just played it away. She pulled my by the arms and pressed her body against mine. With her special eyes she stared in my eyes, whispering sweet words before she kissed me. Just that got me so hard. She put me on the bed and slowly started stripping. Every time I wanted to touch her she played it off and didn't allow me. Then she climbed on top of me kissing me on the way up from my legs, around my dick, biting my nipple and kissing me. Her hands were everywhere. I was finally allowed to touch her and the skin was so soft, her boobs full but natural feeling and her ass really firm. She has soft belly and her figure is really feminine. She gave me a deepthroating blowjob, forced her cock in my throat, licked my ass, gave me a spanking and she fucked me deeply. While fucking me she stroked my cock and made me unload the biggest load. She cleaned it up, offered a drink and we talked and cuddled for a while after. Ana is a true gem and I can believe she's the leading lady from the Netherlands. I don't think anyone can measure up to her services, there's something effortless and natural about her service. It doesn't feel fake, rushed and I didn't leave with a disappointing feeling. I was satisfied and happy and will definitely return.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She exceeded my every expectation. After a couple of disappointments it was nice to see someone that understands what it's all about.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not that I know off.

Comment to the rating

Easily one of the best services with a beautiful Dutch girl. Can't do anything but recommend her

Time and place of the experience

Her place The Hague. Sept.2016

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Ana Mason

Is in: Ijmuiden, Netherlands
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