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TS Man Rammer

Once again I had a chance to meet a beautiful charming TS Shemale Rammer.
Since I left my part time job as a plumber , I joined a courier company.
That Sunday I was supposed to work half day as it wasn't really busy and by noon time had only one small parcel left for delivery. Went to address, buzzed at the door , was let in , straight to the 3rd floor in the lift and here I'm standing in front of customer apartment door, impatiently waiting to get this delivery signed and then go and enjoy the rest of my day. The door was opened by a nice oriental lady and I was invited in as she wanted to check the parcel before signing it.
As she opened the parcel the expression of her face changed and she told me that is the wrong one and she feels very disappointed and is going to ring my company with a serious complain.
I'd tried to explain it is not my fault and sometime mistakes happen but she didn't want listen until I asked her if there is any chance I can get away without this mistake being reported.
She looked into my eyes, smiled with a wicked smile, told me I will have to compensate her for all hassle and inconvenience and told me to go to the bedroom.
What happened next was absolutely unbelievable. She opened the parcel box and pulled out a double ended dildo, I was really shocked..then she told me to undress and get on my four and spread my ass in front of her as wanted to try this dildo up in my ass to teach me a lesson.
I felt so humiliated but had no choice as submit myself to her.So she lubed the dildo and pushed it deep in my ass, left it there, went and laid on the bed in front of me and revealed her big cock which I was urged to suck immediately. There was a big mirror behind me and she could see that dildo staffed in my ass. in the meantime I was gagging on her huge cock and my ass was contracting pushing out a dildo every time her cock was making me choke. After awhile she went and stood behind me , lubed her hard cock and penetrated my ass mercilessly.
From then on i felt like I lost a count of a time, time just disappeared, all i could feel was her huge hard cock up in my ass sliding in and out as she was using me as her bitch.
She'd been putting me in a different positions and kept fucking and fucking my ass. i started begging her to stop as couldn't bear anymore, then she pulled her cock out of my ass and I thought ohh my goodness it's all over now, but she went and and put the mirror beside us so I could see all in it and then mercilessly penetrated my ass again and continued to fuck it. I was seeing all this happening in the mirror now and it was like watching a real porn with me being a bitch for her. Very soon I started begging her again to stop as was completely exhausted.My ass was destroyed by her big hard cock. Then I was told to lay down, on her knees she moved close to my face and started wanking her cock just in front of my face.Few minutes later she spurted a fountain of a hot sticky sperm all over my face and lips and then told me this should really have been emptied inside my ass or at least in my mouth and swallowed. I've leaned towards a mirror to see what it looks like to have cum on my face and realized how much I was humiliated and what a kinky dirty bitch she made of me.

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She didn't deny anything

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August 2016, Limerick

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