Mega hot - she pissed in my mouth

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I met Pikara some years ago ..... she's a little naughty girl, I agreed on one hour with her, where she is active. we started with 69 where we lay on the floor, I had all of her cock in my mouth when I felt something wet and hot in my mouth, first I thought that was fast, then it dawns on me that she urinates. Trying to remove my mouth but she push even harder down. Normally I'm not up for that but were actually even more horny as a result of it. She says that we should go in the bath and after a bath I get fucked thoroughly by her until she comes inside me ....... very naughty

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She does not get 5 because of the thing with the golden shower, I'd like to have been prepared for that.

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A couple of years ago

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Is in: Odense, Denmark
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*) Pikara is also known as: Pekara Caste

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