Perfect girl - I took it as deep as possible..

Review by: Andrew.196
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I came to her with a little bit of uncertainty.
It was my first expereince.
But from the begining she was very nice and seemed very hot to me..

First look , she smiled at me.. and I was almost in love..
Her big beautiful eyes, lips. she was even more beautiful than in her pictures.
We went upstears and I was a litlle bit shaky..
I already wanted to suck her BIG dick... and she offered it to me.. it was hard and I took it as deep as possible..
And than she start to suck my cock as well...
I was so comfortable with her like she was my girl.
We suck each other with big emotions.
I realized that I want her big thing in me...
And she fucked me will. fucked me so hard and good..
That she came in my ass, I came with out hands to... and it was most perfect fuck of my life...
after that.. we were siting in front of each other and having a little chat..
And she was so perfect i really enjoed that expereince..

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes she was perfect for me

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes. Comfort and good company like she was my girl friend...

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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She is the best girl for me..

Time and place of the experience

Tallinn 15.06.16

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Is in: Venice, Italy
Latest of 4 reviews: Extremely nice in person!

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*) Luana is also known as: LuanaXXL

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