Jejee is my favourite again - wow what a babe

Review by: fyr31
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I have just come back, from a very naughty and sexy visit with Jejee, wow she was totally horny today, it's a long time since I have fucked a Pro girl like that.
I have visited her before, and she has allways been so sexy, but also sweet and girly, but today I fucked her like a little bitch, and she loved it, and all along told me to fuck her more.

Upon arriwal she approached me, and kissed me like a girlfriend would do, after that intimate greeting, she did the usual crotch grabbing with a big and kinky smile, so sexy.
We got the payment handled, and when she came back I simply took her into my possesion, turned her around and began to lick her ass for a long time, with nice and sexy sighing compliments from her mouth.
Then I forced her down on the bed, and continued to lick her, and she began to beg for my cock, she allmost forgot that we should be using condom, so I reminded her, and told her to suck my cock first, it was so good to feel her mouth on my cock again.

Then she put on the condom and i tried to get my big cock inside her tight ass, after a while with "wait", "hold that position" and yet more "wait, wait" and small bursts of pain from her, my cock was inside her, and i could fuck her, first slowly, and then more deep and faster, then i forced her tiny body down into the madress and fucked her like a bitch, and she loved it, and was all the time telling me to fuck her.

I finally came after a long doggystyle fucking, and then she turned at me, and told me that she wanted to fuck me like a bitch, but i simply told her that i was the man, that fucks girls like her.

She was a little disapointed, but still after the sex, she is allways so sweet, caring and allways talking and kissing, i love her for that, such a good babe :-)

I will soon have to visit her again.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes indeed, totally good experience

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes a super horny Pro girl :-)

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Nope, anything was up for grabs :-)

Comment to the rating

Not so much to comment, this was an outstanding experience :-)

Time and place of the experience

Thursday night the 1/8-2016

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