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Review by: El Vecino Sueco
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I first lay eyes on Lailla months ago as I found her profile with photos here on this site and I was instantly mesmerized. I felt that if I'd ever had the opportunity she'd be my first and only choice.

Eventually I found myself in Stockholm and was able to set a time and date to meet with her. Very friendly and forthcoming on the phone. We spoke in Spanish but she speaks very good english too. It is important to remember to state your preferences and what services you need.

When I arrived at her place, a nice discreet flat, easy to reach by public transport, she welcomed me warmly in high heels and underwear. She was simply looking amazing. The photos tell the truth.

As a first timer I had asked for two hours so there would be no rush or stress and time to relax properly. She saw that I was nervous but handled it elegantly, offered me a shower and towel if I wanted to freshen up.

We went to the bedroom, soft music, partially dark, but with enough light to make out all details of her fit body, soft skin and feminine looks. We took off all our clothes and I asked for her to guide me, showing me the way, to take control and be more active with me at first.

A lot of caressing, mutual blow jobs and pleasure. She sat on my chest telling me how she wanted me to lick and suck her lovely, nicely sized, cock. She liked that I took it all in to the base. It was lovely. She told me to turn around, face down, she poured masage-oil all over my back and buttocks and started massaging me sensually, making sure my virgin assume was getting ready. I was worried and nervous that I wouldn't be able to take all of her, but she read me like a book and slowly with finesse eased herself into me.

Suddenly I had her deep in me. It was awesome and she started fucking me, slowly at first and then faster. We changed position and she continued to ram me, with me lying on my back, legs spread and above my head. Then she had me take her and it was fantastic. Then back to me on my back and she jerked me off until I came hard with her soft hand and her hard rod rod inside me.

We paused and relaxed for a while. Chatted about things as we regained our strength for round two. I loved sucking her so I did it a lot, also tried to mount on top her, cowgirl style, but it was tricky as I was new to it. We replayed some of the sweaty action until I once again couldn't hold back my orgasm any longer.

Afterwards w had some pillowtalk before we took turns freshening up taking quick showers.

Lailla was just great. Lovely big cock that fit so good in my mouth, I loved it, Her body, fit, tight, feminine and lovely butt. She did an excellent job switching between active in passive while ensuring a good time for me as a virgin.

I left relaxed and very, very happy.

I'll definitely come back.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes. She was great being both active and passive. Polite, gently, skilled, professional.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Her lovely personality I'd say. She got into it, she was very present in the moment. I didn't ask for much.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No not really.

Comment to the rating

Hygiene was very good Body, appearance very nice, feminine to infinity. Accomodation, discreet and elegant. Overall 10/10.

Time and place of the experience

Stockholm, August 27th, 19.00

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