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Isabella BIGCOCK24cm

So it has been a very long time since I took the plunge. After watching some tranny porn again recently, it got me a bit worked up and thought it would be a great idea to visit a hot TS.

Did a little research and wanted someone where I knew the area to avoid repeated incident so look for someone in Liverpool street. Saw on shemale wiki some excellent reviews for bigcock24cm - she wasn't my type, but looked hot enough, good reviews and I knew the area but all beit it on the expensive side (£200), but I was raring to go.

Had the arrangements by text and she seemed extremely nice and polite.

Got to the flat.

Met the lady at the door. First appearances, extremely pretty face, nice boobs, a little shorter than expected, but by no means too much. And quite close similarity to photos.

No sort of chit chat or drinks offered it was straight down to business.

Started out with some deep kissing, hygiene everywhere else was good. And then I started to play with her lovely large breasts.

She then pulled down her pants. It was volumous and anyone wanting a big cock will not complain.

So we did some mutual sucking which was nice and rubbed our cocks together - all very nice!!!

I said I then wanted to fuck her, so, she went into mish and I entered and she had a very nice tight asshole, so much so that after about 10 mins or so I really wanted to cum - and probably should have - because I'm really not much of a fan of being bottom - but she asked if she could fuck me and in the moment I said ok why not? After watching all this tranny porn it looks fun and easy right?

So, she gets behind me and all of a sudden she sticks a dildo up my ass - not a massive one, but it was a little shock to the system!!! She then stuck her cock in there. It was a little uncomfortable at first - but not unbearably so, she was very considerate and took care - I did say to her that I wasn't a power bottom!

We then tried with me on top, but that didn't quite work out, so she tried to bang me in mish. But before she did, she wipped out another dildo, this time of gigantic size and rammed it up my asshole!!! Ooooh, this one was a little painful and had to ask to stop. Did some fucking in mish - but it was a bit painful for me, so she kind of put me on my side a bit for added comfort. After a while I got used to it.

So she was fucking me for a good 20 odd mins and it kind of felt like I just wanted to shit myself by this point - I knew I actually wouldn't, but that's what the sensation was, so I asked her if she could cum please.

So I suck on her nuts while she wanks off on my face. Then after a few minutes, an absolutely gigantic amount of cum fires out, this was at least 5 or so squirts, and I honestly have not seen anything quite like it in my life - it was like a water streaming out of a hose- but it was the sort of runny type of cum rather than the thick stuff. She then wanked me off and I had a shower and left.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Of course.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

The "extra" amount of cum over the usual I was expecting.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Comment to the rating

It was a very professional service - everything was provided for with a smile and all services were on offer - but unlike the other girls I have seen - there was no opening up to her true nature - or any overt friendliness - strictly professional, strictly business. If you like extremely professional service with extremly nice looking blonde tranny with pretty big cock then I recommend.

Time and place of the experience

13/12/2015. London, UK.

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