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Miss Tina

Tina, matches her photos well, however, these are older pictures, but the pictures do not do her full justice, she is quite simply beautiful live, I had an incredibly beautiful experience in May 2016 met Tina for the second time, and after a little common bath we were both faced with 2 large hard penises and immediately I took the initiative and sucked on her hard cock, good and thoroughly as she merrily mouth fucked me where her sweet cock came deep into my mouth. Then she took me deeply and violently again, while she held my legs while she fucked with all her talents, we tested all positions before she sprayed me well and truly in the butt with her warm cum load while the rubber were on the point of bursting. Then it was my turn with the sight of her real crispy delicious ass, I just had to fuck her while she happily took my hard cock inside her. I sprayed her well and thoroughly in the ass and she merrily took my hot sperm while I thought there could be no more in the condom - it felt absolutely perfect, while we kissed on the mouth. We enjoyed a bottle of wine together afterwards and an absolutely intimate and unforgettable experience that I remember well and misses. you are totally in love with the girl

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, she definitely lives up to expectations and more to my best recommendations I can see someone not share this view, but I can only say top girlfriend sex - definitely the best I have experienced with a TS beautiful feminine, loving and totally sexy . What beautiful lips and godlike ass yes can not imagine you can get more.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes absolute satisfaction and chemistry good, I think the borders are open to experiments

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No absolutely not had a great experience with her and miss her incredible hope we will soon meet again in Aarhus - here is no fake or no the warmest recommendations intense and beautiful experience :)

Comment to the rating

6 stars would be appropriate for sex, charisma, initiative, hot, willing, loving

Time and place of the experience

Aarhus May 2016

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Miss Tina*)

Is in: Hamburg, Germany
Latest of 14 reviews: Beautiful and hot shemale

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*) Miss Tina is also known as: Anni Wallén, Anucha Wannachat, Ladyboy Tina, Maria and Nuchi

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