Emma gave a lesson in kinky sex

Review by: Jess
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Had been looking forward to visit Emma, ​​and let me say I was not disappointed. After some misunderstandings about the time I arrived at Emma's apartment. I knew that Emma was tall, but it still came as a surprise to me that she was that tall. Emma is an exceptionally beautiful and impatisk transsexual. When one adds that she looks really good in her tight skirt and high-heeled shoes. We kissed and caressed. Emma took my cock deep in the mouth mmmmm. I retaliated, which she liked. Then over in the bed and we continue licking and sucking. Now we had reached the time where Emma would like to be fucked. On with the condom. Emma wants your dick slow in, which I can understand. Then I fucked her for dear life while we alternately massaged Emma's cock. Emma asked me to get to the bottom and see that made her very horny and suddenly Emma's came all over her belly - delicious and hot. Then it was my turn. Emma stuck a finger in the ass at me while I masturbated. I could feel I was very horny and when Emma grabbed me om the buns, I had simply no way of avoiding letting go of my load. I sprayed all over her stomach to Emma's great satisfaction. After cleaning, we had a chat about life, where she shows her human understanding. Emma: Thanks for a good experience and we will certainly meet again.

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The review speeks for it self.

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19th of August 2016. 11.00 o clock

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