She managed to get it all in. I felt she was into it.

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Ok I'll get the basic stuff out of the way, clean, hygienic, smooth and feminine. She ticks all the boxes. The apartment was quite nice too.

I've always had a thing for big cocks on hot women, I've met other girls and Isabella is clearly one of the biggest cocks I have ever tried.

So I took the plunge and paid to meet Isabelal. I arrived and this gorgeous woman answered the door, just wearing panties. She has an awesome feminine body and her boobs are just amazing. I was a bit nervous but she soon put me at ease.

We started to play around on the bed, groping, licking and what not, I could feel her bulge rising through her panties and pressing against me. She soon dropped it out, and I can honestly say it really is very big and meaty, plenty of length and girth. I got straight down and started sucking it, she pushed me head down gently and I started gagging on it. She is forceful (but not over the top and eases up/stops if you ask), which really turned me on.

She said "shall I fuck you" to which I nervously answered "we could try, but to be careful." LOL! She was gentle warming me up and she managed to get it all in. It felt amazing. It felt like she was really into it, nibbling my ear an all. We did various positions and I was in heaven. She got harder, It was a bit painful but I was enjoying it so much. Taking every inch. Eventually she broke me...and we had to stop. I wish I could take more, and would go back tomorrow if I could. I'm rock hard thinking about it as I type this.

Hopefully this helps you guys make a decision one way or the other.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, even more.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Maybe a better attidude than usual? I really felt she was into it.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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My detailed evaluation of her. Scorecard: Accommodation = 8/10 Cleanliness/hygiene = 10/10 Appearance = 9/10 Breasts = 10/10 Ass = 9/10 Cock = 10/10 Overall, 10/10. Happy and want more, which is how it should be.

Time and place of the experience

Sheffield, UK, November 2015

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