Fucked again! She blew her load in my mouth

Review by: donald
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I called my friend Jane to see her the other night but unfortunately she wasn't available. She gave me the number of her friend Kimmy, I really wanted to see Jane but since she wasn't available and it was my last night in Dubai i thought i would take a chance with Kimmy.
Wow! I'm glad i did!
Kimmy is really beautiful and has awesome tits and an even better package in her pants!
we started with some small talk and she was really easy to talk to. after a bit she offered me a massage which was really nice. As she massaged me her large hard-on kept bumping my ass and it was turning me on majorly.
She then told me to flip over and immediately sat on my face. As i got a tongue full of beautiful ladyboy asshole she started to play with my cock. so nice.
she then moved into a 69 that i had to stop within a few minutes because her mouth felt so good and i didn't want to finish yet.
she then took my face in her hands and with a wicked smile said "i'm going to fuck you now, HARD"
she took it easy on my asshole until she had her whole cock in me and her balls up against mine and then she started. slowly at first picking up speed until she was pounding me.
she fucked me all over the room in all sorts of positions and when she was ready pushed me to my knees and blew a tasty load in my mouth.
she finished by giving me a world class blow job.
the whole night was wonderful.

Did she live up to your expectations?

yes! i was not happy that I couldn't see Jane that night but Kimmy took such good care of me that it i ws happy

Did you get anything not on the menu?

we never discussed menu, but she gave me everything that I wanted

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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you have a difficult choice now. Jane or Kimmy? They're both awesome. go see either and you'll be happy

Time and place of the experience

August 2016 Dubai

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Is in: Dubai (دبي), United Arab Emirates
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*) Kimmy is also known as: Tskimmy

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