Unbelievable experience! My first golden shower

Review by: donald
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I met Jane again, but this time in Dubai. And she was even better the second time.
I arrived at her hotel and she invited me in and told me to strip naked. Then she had me sit on the floor with my back against her bed. She told me she wasn't ready for me as she had some phone calls to make and some emails tor write. When she was on her first call she walked over to me and i noticed that she had a raging hard-on. Without saying a word to me she shoved her cock in my mouth and face fucked me while she was talking on the phone. She proceeded to do this to me for the next half hour or so, walking up to me and shoving her fat cock down my throat whenever the mood struck her. I was incredibly turned on but she did not allow me to touch myself at all.
Finally she finished up what she was doing and said that she was finally ready for me. She took me into the bathroom and said that i needed a shower because i was a very dirty boy. She had me sit down in the shower and as the water from the shower was hitting me she stood back a bit and pissed all over me. I've never done that before but it was extremely erotic!
After drying me off she told me to lay on my back on the bed. She then sat down on my face and instructed me to eat her ass, lick her balls and suck her cock. When she was ready, she flipped me over on my stomach, lubed up my asshole and started to massage my ass with her fingers. She wanted to fist me but i was only able to take 4 of her fingers this time. Maybe next time?
She then sat on my legs and started to slip her cock into me. Again, she went very slowly until her balls were pushed up against mine and then she started to hammer me with her hard-on.
i lost track of how many different positions she fucked me, but she couldn't have missed very many!
i loved it. She finally blew a huge load all over my face and then wiped it off with her hand and used it to jerk me off with.
i was completely used and i loved it.
She never once mentioned the time and i got the feeling i could have stayed all night with her.

Did she live up to your expectations?

I had high expectations after the first meeting with Jane and was worried that it wouldn't go as well, but it was even better

Did you get anything not on the menu?

again we never talked menu, she just used me as her fuck toy any way she wanted

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Comment to the rating

no comment, just if you want to have an incredible TS experience, go see Jane

Time and place of the experience

August 2016, Dubai

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