Lexa is very friendly, sexy and awsome in bed

Review by: fd oskulden
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Lexa Harding

What a super hit. The first time with a shemale and it was a success. Lexa met with me at her hotel in Stockholm. Was super nervous about meeting at the hotel and the first time that I had to meet with a shemale but Lexa did really everything so that it should be a good experience. She is incredibly beautiful, feminine and have a beautiful body with perfect silicone breasts. About the meeting itself. We kissed passionately for a long time and caressed each other before I got her perfect cock in my mouth as she licked me thoroughly in a delicious 69er. She asked who would start, and I said I wanted to feel her up inside me for the first time. Her fingers continued to soften me as she asked me to relax. When she felt I was finished she asked -Are you ready to go? and then we started. And what a thorough fucking it was. Cautiously she stuck her cock into me, while she got the green light from me to continue before she pumped me harder and deeper, she looked deep into my eyes in the mirror and whispered in my ear, how good it was. After a while, she turned me into the missionary position and pumped me deep and hard while she played my cock until we both came at the same time. A small break where we washed a little before the second round, and now I was allowed to be active. Full speed, where we both came at the same time again and I got Lexas hot cum in the mouth. It felt weird, hot and sexy but quite ok.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes really what a lovely girl.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Got everything I asked for.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

d all that we had agreed.

Comment to the rating

I had seen her movies with Christian, and this meeting was as lewd as it was good. Lexa is very sweet, sexy and awsome in bed with a perfectly sized cock. Got as much cock as I wanted and did my best to acomodate it.

Time and place of the experience

Stockholm August 10th. 2016

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