Loves to be fucked roughly

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Yasmin Gusmao

No reviews and little spoken English. She came across as cold to start with, but when I came back from the shower she was wearing PVC and leather and presenting me with her amazing backside.

Later, while I pinned her wrists and forced my cock into her tight Ass again and again without mercy, She begged me to wank her off until she exploded. Then I came all over her Curved back as she purred and rubbed her shapely rear against my raging cock. Excellent.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Oh yes.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Im not sure if there was a Menu! More like help yourself.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Time and place of the experience

London, Near Queens Gate.

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Yasmin Gusmao*)

Ist in: Rom , Italien
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*) Yasmin Gusmao ist auch bekannt als: Yasmin Bellini

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