My second time with her and with great role play

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TS Man Rammer

This was my second time with this gorgeous sexy Ms.TS Man Rammer.
Role play scenario we've discussed over the phone prior my arrival.
So, this is how it all has started.I do occasional work as an emergency plumber some weekends.
It was Sunday at around 11:30 am and i got a txt from my boss with an address and name of a client (Patricia) who urgently requested a plumber boy to fix the pipe in her bathroom.
So, I've grabbed myself ,jumped into the car and was knocking her door within the next 30 minutes or so. Door was opened by a stunning oriental beauty , she was dressed to impress , in a nice short dress and high heels. She smiled and let me in her apartment, i was guided straight into the bathroom and asked her to show me the pipe that need fixing. She pointed her finger down to the floor below the sink , there were several pipes running across. I got on my knees and tried to identify the fault but couldn't find anything wrong. She was standing very close beside me all the time while I was on my knees with my head underneath of the sink. I said that there is nothing wrong with the pipes and I can't understand why I was called in emergency. In the meantime I was staring at her nice and sexy legs running my eyes from her high heeled shoes upwards to her short dress. What happened next made me absolutely breathless. She put her hand over the bottom of the dress and slightly pulled it upwards opening a better view of her sexy legs, I couldn't take my eyes of her legs and as she pulled it another half an inch higher I've gasped and couldn't say a word because of what I saw was unbelievable. There was a big cock hanging in between her sexy pair of legs.
I pretended I haven't noticed it, she smiled , told me to stand up and took me to her bedroom.
I was told that her "pipe" needs some treatment right now and I have no choice as to submit myself if I don't want her to call my boss with a complaint. I definitely didn't want to loose my occasional income,but yet tried to avoid to serve her needs mambling something about next customer I need to go to and etc. She didn't listen to me and told me undress and lay down on the bed. She took of her dress and revealed to me her stunning female body with a big erected cock in between her legs. Then she leaned towards to me and started to stroke my cock and balls, then took my cock in her mouth and asked whether i liked it. After that she went further down to my balls and below , straight to my ass hole , penetrated it with a finger and started licking it. Then she took a pillow and put it underneath my ass, spread my legs wide in the air , put a lube on her cock and started penetrating my virgin tight ass hole. She was slow and gentle at the beginning and as she was making her way into my tight hole I saw her excitement growing and felt her cock getting deeper and deeper until the whole length wasn't swallowed by my ass hole . Then she started moving her hips slowly at the start , gradually increasing the speed. I felt myself like a whore that been used anally. She then turned me on my belly and continued to fuck my ass for awhile, She'd been changing positions, turning me on my side and onto my four, and kept fucking my tight ass hole. When I was completely exhausted and begged her to stop she told me suck her cock , and I gladly started doing this as couldn't bear anymore with her huge hard cock up in my ass. After a few minutes I was same exhausted sucking her big hard cock and tried my best to please her, but somehow knew my oral skills were not up to her standards. Then she told me to turn on my back ,she sat on my belly started stroking my cock and told me to play with her cock also. Big hard cock that just had been pumping my ass a few moments ago is now right in the front of my face and I'm wanking it..A few minutes later she spurted her cum all over my chest..I've cum at the same time.
That morning my fantasy became a reality. I'd been used in my ass and mouth as a whore by a sexy gorgeous dominant lady with a big hard surprise in between her legs.

Did she live up to your expectations?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

She didn't deny me anything

Time and place of the experience

Ireland, Limerick, April 2016

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