I was like putty in her hands

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Zatanna Larsson

Anna greeted me in classy bridal lingerie, ironic for someone with such a kinky mind to be dolled up in virgin white, but her compact little butt wiggling in between those suspenders was too much to resist. She had pretty features and ogling her exquisitely presented body got me somewhat in a trance so my initial stabs at conversation tumbled out clumsily.
After I'd returned from her shower, I wanted to inspect every inch of her, but instead she loosed my towel, snaked her way down my body and impressed me with her oral skills. We eventually made it onto the bed where I started unwrapping her. She had nicely rounded boobs that I couldn't keep my hot little hands or mouth off. I then found out her "surprise" has a downward curve to it, so her tagline "Anna with a banana" is about right. The middle part of it angles up into the roof of your mouth while the tip points down your throat. It only took Anna a couple of minutes fooling around to identify my erogenous weak points, unlock them and set about dismantling me. I don't sub easily, but I was putty in her hands. She put me on my back with my feet pointing in the air and eased herself in. I'm pretty tight, but she moved over me into an intimate missionary position, then pounded me like a hammer. I was gasping like a little girl. I wrapped my legs and arms around her back and held on for dear life whilst she kept telling me how pretty I was. After five minutes my g-spot was tender (if I could have held on for longer I would have) so we swapped roles. She liked it deep and told me about it. We ground away in a variety of positions as she matched me for energy. Ordinarily I'm still in control when I have a woman impaled on top of me, but she locked herself tightly onto me so that I could barely wiggle and put her whole body into it. I was drained by the end. Afterwards, we lay and chatted for a while. She seemed that she wasn't having a busy night and might not have minded me hanging around a while longer, but regrettably I had to go.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Holy fuck, yes!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Never even heard of a nipple 69 before, but it got me hot.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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As good as it gets.

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17 June 2016, Perth, Australia

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