Goddess Jane. I couldn't even begin to try and swallow it all.

Review by: Donald
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I met Jane in June of this year in Bangkok. She and a friend came to my hotel room and showed me an incredible time. Both girls were pretty, but i couldn't take my eyes off Jane. She was beautiful! Tall, thin and nice tits. Both girls slipped out of their dresses and then ripped my clothes off instantly.

We spent some time kissing and then i got into the other girls panties and was rewarded with a nice cock which she instantly shoved in my mouth. A few minutes later i pulled Jane's panties down and found an absolutely huge cock! It started growing even more when she put it in my mouth and where it proceeded to almost double in size.

Jane and i went back to kissing while the other girl started playing with my ass and before long i had her cock buried in my ass. As she fucked me i sucked as much of Jane's monster as i could get in my mouth, which only seemed to be about half and it was banging against the back of my throat. All i could think about was how i was going to get that in my ass.

Before long I found out! Jane and the other girl switched places and she began to slowly insert her cock into my ass. It was a little painful at first as i have never had anything that big before but Jane was very patient and gentle and suddenly she was balls deep in my ass. she held still for a little bit and then slowly started to fuck me. after a couple of minutes she started banging my ass like a drum. I almost forgot the other girls cock that was then buried in my mouth but with a load groan she shot her load in the back of my throat and all over my mouth.

Jane then flipped me over to missionary and fucked me silly while french kissing me. I was in heaven. I had my first ever hands free orgasm as she pounded my ass.

When Jane was ready, she pulled out of my ass, ripped her condom off and shoved her dick in my mouth where she shot the biggest load of cum i've ever seen. I couldn't even begin to try and swallow it all.

As half of it dripped down my chin the other girl licked it off my face and cleaned me with her tongue.

Hands down the best ladyboy experience i have ever had! I saw Jane's ad here in Dubai and already have booked a long date this coming weekend with her. I look forward to servicing that huge dick for as long as i can.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Jane was very sweet and accommodating when I spoke with her to set up the original date, but when she got to my room she was even nicer. Couldn't have asked for more. If you want an incredible experience, run don't walk to see her!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

We didn't discuss a menu really but i got the feeling that if you treated her well that pretty much anything was up for grabs.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, treat her well and respectfully, she is amazing!

Comment to the rating

Best time I have ever had with a shemale so if there were 10 stars as an option I would have chosen that.

Time and place of the experience

Bangkok, June 2016.

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