Hung and Horny

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Flavia Meirelles

I met up with Flavia in Bcn. She is brazilian not colombian btw. The funny thing was that i first called a 5 star girl named Evelyn Prada which you cant find here on Shemalewiki. She shoud def be on here because the is so hot and great fuck.
Can tell you more about her as soon as she get on S.W.

Evelyn and I had a great time and at the end of the session I asked if we could hook up the next day for a threesome? I asked if she had any hung friends and she told me that she was going to look into it. And as soon as she got a answer she would text me a pic of her friend.
I said ok lets keep in touch.
The day after she texted me, it was a couple of pics of her friend Flavia. Black and hung.
I answered- Let's meet! I have always wanted to be fucked by two hung shemales.

Two hours later I was at Evelyns place.
Flavia haden't arrived yet so me and Evelyn staryed to fool around. After 10min Flavia knocked on the door. Evelyn opened, I was still in bed and couldn't see her yet. In comes Evelyn smilling introuducing Flavia, I kissed on the cheeks and lay down on the bed again. Flavia was black and sexy! Evelyn and Flavia started speaking pourtugese. All of a sudden Evelyn comes up to me with her big cock and told me to suck it. Meanwhile Flavia took of her clothes-Huge Tits and a Big dick. She started licking my ass, it felt so good.

The Evelyn lay on her back and I was still sucking while Flavia started to lube my ass and started penetrating me slowly but Evelyn said something like" He like's getting fucked hard and deep because just like that I was getting fucked really good and deep. I was sniffing poopers like crazy!

After 10 min or so the both stod up in the bed and started feeding me their cocks, slapping my face, holding my head mouthfucking me.

Then Flavia got rock hard so she told me to lay down with my head over the bed edge and she started fucking my mouth roughly while Evelyn was fucking my ass..I was in heaven.

30 min had passed when I said that I wanted to get DPed. They both of the said "SI SI"
So Flvia was on her back and I jumped up on her cock, I started arching my back and Evelyn pushed in her hung dick.
Flavia was licking my nipples and Evelyn was licking my ear, while she told me I was theie ass to fuck. I got so horny so I told them to

I lay down on my back while Evelyn was jerking of her cock while I was sucking it. Flavia wanted to fuck me some more so she put a pillow under me so she could breed me as deep as possible and she did.

All of a sudden Evelyn was cuming all over my face, and I mean it wasn't one or two times. She gave me all her load I couldnt even see but I got so horny that I came on my stomach and then Flavia pulled out, she had filled the condom with her cum in my ass. (This is not a fantasy, this has happend)

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I loved that she licked my ass!

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Cum in my mouth

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Flavia fucked me so good. A real classy girl

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Barcelona July. 2016

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*) Flavia Meirelles is also known as: Mikaela

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