Lovlely meeting. She likes to get fucked hard

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Julie Bach

Met Julie in Hobro. I was the first customer and she was dresset up nice and hot. She tongue kissed me in the door and invited me in. The place was not particularly nice but I could well live with that when I could see what awaited me. It must be said that I have not been with a trans before and she was very understanding. We started to play with each others cocks and licked them deep and long. Julie asked me if she should fuck me. I told that it was years since I had dick last and therefore I was very tight ...... She was very patient and took time to warm my ass up. When she penetrated me she did it quietly and fucked me first gently but did it gradually harder and harder which was the hottest experience i have had for a long time. We swapped after 10 minutes and I licked her naughty tight asshole and then slid up in her. She wanted to be fucked hard ........ We finished licking each other in a 69'er where we both came simultaniously. An expensive but very naughty pleasure and I would like to visit her again

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The last star is missing due to the site which was grubby and not up to Julie's standard.

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June 2016 Hobro

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