Asked me if I want to look at her smoke

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Anna Morgan

Sadly it was not really good, first I could not find the place she was staying at as she only had the house Name and no propper address that her English was horrible and after I finally arrived and payed she was only playing with her mobile phone and even just walked out the room telling me to wank myself.
Later she asked me if I want to look at her while she smokes, why the hell would I pay her to see her smoke ????

I stopped everything after 20 minutes and asked her to give me at least ~30% of what I payed back than she got angry at me because I would not understand how hard her Job is and that she has a Flat for 2000£ a month she has to pay for ... Well Mine is only 200£ as I can hardly pay any more :/

Did she live up to your expectations?

Not at all ;(

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It was just plain Bad. Place was hard to find and she gave wrong directions as her English is no good

Time and place of the experience

UK 2016

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