She had looked forward to getting my cock in her ass

Review by: Den nervøse.
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I decided already that morning that I had to have a naughty visit in the evening. So the day went with investigating who I was going to visit. I wrote a little with Elektra and fell for her. We agree to meet at midnight. I arrive at the apartment and is well received. The door is hardly closed behind me before she grabs my crotch and tells me how horny she is. I reciprocate her gesture and can confirm that she is well hard already. We kiss as she pulls me into the room and rips off my clothes. I help her with her bra as she is too slow;) since we both are naked and well horny she goes directly to a 69'er and sticks her big (not quite 20 cm, probably closer to 16-17 cm) cock in my mouth and down my throat. I tried several times to push her out a little to get air but she fought back which was mega sexy. When we had sucked cock and buns for 10 minutes she said she wanted to fuck me but since I never had it in the ass before, I hesitated a lot. She started licking my ass and stick her tongue up in me until I told her to fuck me. She threw me on the back and put the lube in the ass and slipped her cock into me. It hurt but was naughty at the same time. She was fucking me while she jerked me off. It was not long before I sprayed all over the place. Elektra was a little angry and I did not understand why until she explained that she had been looking forward to getting my dick in the ass. I apologized and promised to make amends next time. She "forced" me to suck her until she came in my mouth.

Did she live up to your expectations?


Did you get anything not on the menu?

Got 15 min extra

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not at all. Think I could have gotten her to do everything.

Comment to the rating

Will definitely come back.

Time and place of the experience

26th of July 2016 Copenhagen around midnight.

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