Nice firsy time experience

Review by: Sex--hygge
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I saw Emma ... One night on the way home .. I had always toyed with the idea of ​​being with a shemale .. So I thought that now was the time .. I called Emma .. And was greeted by a cute voice .. I decided to do it .. Emma met me at the door and embraced me .. do think she felt it was my first time .. she quickly took control, and sat me down on a chair .. After which she opened my pants and took my cock in her mouth .. it was really great .. the best blowjob I have received to date .. I asked if I could see her lovely ass .. She said I should ask for it .. and so I diid .. and she turned around .. and I had her lovely ass right in my face .. she said I should kiss it and lick it .. so I did .. she took me into the bed where she laid me down and sat between my legs .. and began to suck on my cock .. Suddenly she gets up and climbs up on my chest .. and I have her great big cock right in the face .. she says suck it! I took it in my mouth and it filled it .. It was my first time and she taught me how to be good at sucking .. She sat down between my legs again and took my cock in her mouth .. While one hand suddenly began playing with my asshole .. it was fantastic .. I looked at her and said that I had never gotten anything like that before .. and that she should be careful if she would penetrate me .. she said I should take it easy .. And so I did. Suddenly she was up inside me .. It was a fantastic feeling .. And she fucked me super nice .. Eventually she jumped off and I played my cock while she sucked it in between .. Eventually I came as an explosion .. the best orgasm ever ..

Did she live up to your expectations?

Emma certainly lived up to my expectations .. The pictures were genuine .. Beautiful tall and brown ..

Did you get anything not on the menu?

The idea was not that I should get fucked .. But when Emma heard it was a maiden voyage .. Then she took really good care of me and did extra things. fantastic experience

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Emma did not deny me anything.. On the contrary,

Comment to the rating

Super hot maiden voyage

Time and place of the experience

The 17th of July 2016 . 03.00

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