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Had a drive through Jutland and had a little time to visit a Shemale. I went for one with a big dick since I would try to see if I could take it. Had looked at one in Vejle, but she had just moved to Aarhus and could only see me later. Therefore I tried Iman, despite the fact that she was not as feminine in the pictures as I really wanted. But her cock was big and it was the most important thing ... I called to be sure not to drive there in vain, but only got a translated google voice that actually explained the same as the ad. Took a chance and drove to Havredal. The place was fine discreet back entrance. Took a cigarette and got up the courage and rang the bell which said Trans. There was no one who answered. Waited a few minutes and rang again. It took another minute and suddenly she opened the door and invited me inside. She was wearing only a bathrobe which she was naked underneath. I was shown into a small room and she asked me what I wanted. I asked about the price and she gave me a piece of paper that read a lot of money. I asked for a little discount and she asked how much I had. And I said 800 (though I had 1000 :)) She went along with it, but when I had to fumble the money up, she saw the last 200kr and she also managed to get those from me and promised that we would have a good time together. She asked me to take off all my clothes and threw herself on the bed in the dressing gown (robe was not the sexiest). I took off my clothes and get into bed with her and began to lick her nipples on her big breasts. Slowly I began to playith what I had come for. After some time, I asked if I could suck her dick and she agreed. It was limp, but her cock grew huge in my mouth. I was even quite horny and hard. She began to moan, and finally she took my head in both hands and deepthroated me and I must admit that I could not take it all despite I tried everything I could .. Then she put me on my back and sucked my cock really good for some time. Then I was again allowed to lick her while she played my dick. At one point she said that she was coming, but then I asked if she wanted to try to fuck me if I could take her cock that is. I did not have to say this twice. She stood up immediately and put the condom on and gave me ass lube and laid me down in missionary position. She was a little rough in penetration, but did OK while I played my dick like crazy. It was really good. She fucked me really well and hard. However it was not long before she said she was coming. So I would also come, so I came in a big orgasm on my stomach. She flew off and got me paper towels and I do not really think that she came. Well I dried myself and I jumped in my clothes and quickly I slipped out again with a great satisfaction but 1000kr poorer :)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, I got what I came for. She is no sweettalker and no chit chat. But in bed she is controlling and horny (It weighs the most to me). I would really have liked to be fucked for a little longer... this was so damn good.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She actually gave me french kissing which I dont think was on the menu.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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Starts on a 3. she gets one star up to 4 since her big cock satisfied my ass so nice. but then it all comes down to 3 again, since she could have done it for a little longer. Just 5 minutes more, then she had gotten the last star. Positive: her Big Cock, Big Tits, virile, active and good in bed, feminine voice, she was washed and clean. Negative things about her: Not feminine enough appearance (for my taste), no erotic costumes, not the best sweet talker, a little chubby on the belly and not enough stamina.

Time and place of the experience

Ulvedalsvej 14a, Havredal, 7470 Karup Jutland. Visited 06-07-2016, time 13:30

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